Monday, March 14, 2011

Namiki - Emperor Goldfish

In 2009, Namiki have made some changes to it's Emperor collection. A few pieces are discontinued. And 2 new designs are introduced. The Carp in Waterfall was replaced by the Emperor Goldfish.

This pen is unlike all previous Emperor pen design.

Namiki has returned to it's classic design of flat-top cap and flat-bottom barrel which can be found in the 1920's Dunhill Namiki pens. Over the years, Namiki had produced other flat-top pens. For example, the Dunhill Namiki Crane and Pine Tree and the Double Phoenix which commemorate the coronation of Emperor Akihito. However, this is the first time it has do way with the clip on the pen cap. This offers an unobstructed canvas for the maki-e design.

There are 3 goldfishes painted on the pen, two on the cap and one on the barrel. Unlike previous design, the goldfishes on the cap and barrel faces each other. You can make a comparison with the Yukari Double Goldfish.

On the pen cap, silver and gold spiral in the background depict ripples in a pond. The goldfish seems to be rising up to the water surface for a breath of air. This is the top view of goldfish swimming in a pond.

Other then white color on it's belly. The white patch on it's dorsal adds realism to the fish. The scales are shown more clearly.

The type of goldfish painted on this pen is my favorite Ryukin. The top ones are the short tail type while the barrel shows the rare long tail Ryukin. The long flowing tail is translusent against the dark background. It's hard to see this effect in the picture.

The darker orange tone on goldfish back adds color variation to the otherwise plain orange. I would say this is the most colorful goldfish compared to previous design.

As I appreciate the goldfish on the barrel, my eyes are drawn to the rocks at the bottom. Painted in taka maki-e with inlaid gold, this design is first seen on the discontinued Carp in Waterfall. I'm glad it is added to this piece.

The scene on the pen barrel is the inside view of the pond. Rocks and water plants are shown at the bottom of the pond.

In the above picture, you will be able to appreciate the transluscent tail much more clearly.

Althought the Emperor Goldfish is not a limit edition (luckily), it is very limited due to the small number produced each year.

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  1. Nice. It is next best gold fish beside the Yukari double gold fish.