Saturday, January 22, 2011

Various Techniques of Maki-e

Maki-e is a unique art form of sowing gold and silver powder on contour lines drawn with sticky Urushi lacquer to form elaborate designs. Numerous techniques are employed in the process. The depth of color improves with each additional layer of lacquer.  It takes several months to produce just one Maki-e pen.

The rich reflected glow of gold and silver powders imparts a powerful impression, and a world of exquisite beauty leaps forth from the powerful design portrayal. This level of art requires a long tradition of inherited master skills.

Namiki - Snowy Egret

In 2004 Namiki launch a new series of maki-e pens for their entire range. They had discontinued most of the old design.

A new range is added - Yukari Royale.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dunhill Namiki - Crane and Pine Tree

The crane and pine tree are traditional Japanese designs that represent the blessings of a long and healthy life.

The white lacquer used on the crane turn yellowish as it age. It is not possible to retain white color in lacquer. This is the reason why sometime egg shells are used to represent white. But maki-e pen with egg shells are rare.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Namiki - Fighting Cocks

This pen is the crown in my collection.

There are 2 fighting cocks facing each other. One on the cap, the other on the barrel.

Namik - Three Winged Birds

This 3 Winged Birds is my first maki-e pen.

Namiki Goldfish

This is my first post. It's going to be long.

This goldfish pen is rather rare these days. But in 2001, it has been on the display shelve of the shop for months. at that time, there aren't many maki-e pen collectors.