Saturday, January 22, 2011

Namiki - Snowy Egret

In 2004 Namiki launch a new series of maki-e pens for their entire range. They had discontinued most of the old design.

A new range is added - Yukari Royale.

It's heavier and slightly bigger than Yukari.
Bigger size means - more surface to paint on. In fact there are many wonderful pieces in this new range - Royal Count Carriage, Snowy Eaglet, Kingfisher, Night Scene of Pavilion.

The Royal Court Carriage is the cream in the range. It has the most amount of gold dust and also the most expensive in the range. Too bad it's already discontinued.

But I'm more interested in the animals paintings.
Kingfisher is the most colorful and the bird covers a large surface. I pick Snowy Eaglet instead because it's a more traditional design.

A shimmery white snowy egret perching quietly on a willow tree. Over the years the pearl white has aged and turn into creamy white.

Gold dust on the pen cap forms the clouds in the night sky.

Sadly, this pen is discontinued in 2008.

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