Thursday, January 6, 2011

Namik - Three Winged Birds

This 3 Winged Birds is my first maki-e pen.

Both the 3 Winged Birds and the Goldfish are regular 'production' pens. In other words, not limited edition. But they made by order because of the amount of work and time need to paint the artwork.

You can find the same painting on the 1970s pens although the shape of the pens are different from todays. However, I find the 3 Winged Birds of the 70s are more detailed.

The artist is probably retired because I don't find his name on any of the new Namiki pens.

When I first saw pictures of vintage Namiki maki-e pen in a book, I thought maki-e pen must be no longer in production. I was quite surprise to see them in the shop. And this is how I started my maki-e pen collecting.


  1. Hello,

    I am very interested by that pen - could you tell me where you could find one ? Thanks in advance,



  2. Please drop me an email